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Welcome to The Great Exhale

A Soft Space for Black Women

Experience the Joy of Community

Founded by Lisa Hurley, The Great Exhale™ is an award-winning private membership community where Black women can relax, lay their burdens down…and exhale. It is a virtual space that prioritizes mental wellness, soft living, and psychological safety.

If you’re a Black woman who is ready to take your cape off, take a breath, and rest, The Great Exhale is for you:

💚 Enjoy community with a supportive sisterhood…

💚 Experience greater psychological safety…

💚 Say no to hustle culture and yes to a life of ease…

💚 Liberate yourself from code switching…

💚 Share your stories with like-experienced™ people…

💚 Live a softer, happier, more fulfilling life…

Ready to exhale? Join us today.

Be a Part of a Supportive Sisterhood

The Great Exhale is filled with smart, supportive, successful Black women who are there for each other. The TGE movement is grounded in the principles of umoja and ujima - building community and maintaining unity.

Members benefit from:

Community Support:

Connect with a nurturing community of like-minded women. You are not alone. 

Exclusive Resources: 

Access bespoke courses, events, and learning journeys to support you on your path towards a softer, happier life. 

Empowerment & Motivation:

Enjoy uplifting content to keep you inspired, centered, and focused.

Soft Networking: 

Build authentic connections. The Great Exhale is not specifically a networking space, but being in community with each other will organically birth opportunities for partnership in a low-pressure environment.

Member-led IRL Meetups: 

Take the good virtual vibes into the real world with your new community of friends.

The Collective Breath™: 

Participate in virtual live community chats with the TGE leadership team.

Minding Our Black Business™:

Promote your products & services. Let’s circulate the Black Dollar.

Ready to exhale? Join us today.

Enterprise Solutions

The Great Exhale is a strategic partner to organizations who are committed to improving their hiring and retention as relates to Black women. If your company is ready to: 

✅ Increase employee engagement
✅ Enhance the onboarding experience
✅ Reduce attrition and turnover
✅ Promote workplace wellness
✅ Diversify your talent pipeline
✅ Enrich your EAP offerings

then let’s talk. Book a discovery call, or email us at [email protected]

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Meet Our Founder

Lisa Hurley is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and award-winning activist. Her work centers Black women, and encompasses self-care, community care, introversion, and Black joy.

In addition to being the Founder of The Great Exhale, she is the Founder of For The Culture And The Coins™, a movement dedicated to empowering Black people around the globe to build whole-life wealth.

Originally from Barbados, Ms. Hurley is one of a handful of Barbadians to have been featured in Forbes, and on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square. As a result of her activism, she has been featured and quoted in Essence, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Adweek. In addition, Lisa has been honored by Hush Loudly as an Introvert to Watch, and as one of pocstock’s Future of Black America Top 50 Leaders.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys hanging out with her adopted Jack Russell Terrier, reading a good book, and expressing her creativity through fashion. Of Caribbean heritage – Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad – Lisa is a world traveler with an understandable preference for warmer climes. Her love languages are sunshine, shoes, and laughter.

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A Big Thanks

This is a community built by us, for us, with the help of our collective. Thanks to everyone who has supported - and is supporting - us in bringing The Great Exhale movement to the world.